Where it all started...

It all started when I made a comment on a Facebook post of one of my "friends". She misinterpreted this said quote, which was non offensive, and then she informed me that she would be unfriending me.

This lead me to realize how petty and stupid that response was.

Because we were no longer living in the same locale, she did not feel she had to be accountable for her digital actions in the real world. And she was right. I wasn't there, so what could I do?

This lead me to analyze the interaction further. What I realized is that my real life was conflicted with people's fantasy lives.

The further I dug, the more I realized social media as a whole really serves two purposes and two purposes only.

1. Sell things to people

2. People selling things to you.

That's it. All of the research confirms that there has been an increase in clinical depression over the last 15 years as a direct result of exposure to digital media, which includes nearly every social media platform.

People are now killing themselves because of things people say on the internet. Not just that, but they are falsely comparing themselves to the fictitious lives of others. It's no wonder Mark Zuckerberg was so scared in the senate hearings on the Facebook data breach. He probably knows this too.

It's no secret that it hurts when someone doesn't "like" your post. It literally sends a pain response through your brain and a sense of loss not experienced in nature. It has been scientifically proven that these notifications or likes we receive activate the same areas of the brain as hardcore drugs do.

The question is, would you go smoke crack cocaine on your lunch break if given the opportunity?

This is what social media has done do you. It has literally turned you into a digital crack addict, which is why it's time to make a change and become human again.

#SocialMediaRehab won't reform everybody, but as you know, the first step to making a change is admitting you have a problem.

That being said, allow me to take your hand and lead you back to the light. The light that will allow you to regain your time, attention, that social media has robbed from you.