Michael Manicotti

Michael Manicotti

I am Michael Manicotti and I am here to guide you back to humanity. My sole purpose in life is to get people out of the digital world and back on earth where they belong so that we can move forward as a species.

I think we can all agree that the advent of social media has produced a whole trove of garbage. As a Grammy Award winning music producer and accomplished veteran in the music industry I can say with authority that these platforms are causing huge damage to society and with how we communicate with one another. 

Over 2 billion people have succumbed to the digital plantation, which has been scientifically engineered to keep them locked into the grid. Even their own architects have admitted the systems they have created are "scary".

Social media addiction is an epidemic we have the power to stop, but just like any addiction, the first step towards solving the problem is admitting that you have one.

If you think that is you, take my hand and let me lead you back to humanity. As a guitarists, I can tell you the "distraction economy" is one of the largest barriers to success of young people coming up today. They think that hitting a like button our doing something outlandish to get attention on the internet is going to serve them a benefit and it's not.

Regardless of who you are reading this, I think everyone can agree that most of what is projected on social media is a fantasy.

As someone who has actually lived a fantasy life in real life, I can tell you that even the fantasy has a reality. I don't ever want anyone to think that my successes didn't come without a price, which is why I wrote this book. People need to understand that if they want to be the best version of themselves in life and in their craft, they must remove themselves from social media.

Social media epidemic has real world consequences and it has become an epidemic, one we can stop or at the very least, one you can stop in your own life. You won't regret that you did. Everything improves and you will ascend into the ranks of the masters and obtain all of the love, envy and admiration you dreamed of if you make the commitment.

That being said, it's time to be human again. Let me lead you back to the light.

Your friend in the REAL world,

Michael Manicotti

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