Social media addiction is the largest epidemic of the 21st century. Over 2 billion people are tied into the digital plantation that has been scientifically engineered to take your time away from you and sell things to you.

All of the science proves social media addiction is creating real societal issues that is negatively effecting the human race. Clinical depression has increased 17% since 2005 globally according to the world health organization as a result of exposure to these digital platforms.

Distracted driving as a result of people checking their cell phones for notifications and other banter has increased with people now being killed because people were too busy looking at their phones.

Suicide and depression rates amongst teens tied into social media networks like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are on the rise.

False news, ideals and rumors are being spread and causing huge damage to people's careers.

Social media Rehab is the first book, solution to remove yourself from social media which is doing nothing positive for your life. You may think you posting selfies is providing you some benefit but it's not.

About the Author

Michael Manicotti is a Grammy Award winning music producer from Dallas, Texas which wrote this book in an effort to combat the infamy economy. Fake Artists and Fake Gurus who utilize deception as a means to generate income.