I'm one of the guys that lives the lives people fake on the internet.


The comparison game, the fictitous lives people portray, the political banter and false information. It's all mind pollution that is harming us and our children that we don't need to see and that we don't need.

The youth especially are now being sent out into the world feeling inadequate because of the things they see on the internet, things that are not even real.

Over 2 billion people have succomded to the digital plantation that is paying them no money for their time and scientifically engineered to be just as addictive as any hardcore drug.

Social media addiction is an epedemic and people are starting to wake up to the fact that there are only two reasons to be on these systems either:

to 1. Sell things to people or 2. Have people sell things to us.


If you fall into category number two, you are a social media addict.




we have the power to stop it in 4 simple steps provided by the book. #SOCIALMEDIAREHAB.


From social media to the Fake Gurus and Fake Artists that thrive on these platforms, I am aimed at exposing one of the greatest systems of propaganda distribution systems of all time, social media.

As a Grammy Award Winning music producer, accomplished guitarist I can tell you that exposure to all of these non-income producing forms of media are barriers to mastery that are harming the youth and future generations coming up.

The youth and children are now logging on to these platforms, seeing things they don't need to see and being subjected to media in the digital fantasy world that is making them feel less than they are, less than human.

We have the ability to stop all of this from happening by waking up to the fact that social media and social media addiction is the greatest epedemic of our time.

It's time to be human again and I'm here to help guide you back to the tribe.

Michael Manicotti | Manicotti Republic