Social Media Rehab


Social media addiction is an epidemic that is harming the minds of people all over the world. Exposure to digital media has created an increase in clinical depression and feelings of hopelessness as their users expose themselves to people and ideas which may not even be accurate or real. You don't even need to see the science to know it feels bad when someone doesn't "like" whatever you post. The mission of Social Media Rehab is to provide you with the tools necessary to entirely remove yourself from or limit your use on these systems that are harming your inner light. 



Social Media Rehab hopes that you will use the time regained from absitenence from these systems toward worth while endeavours in the real world. My goal is to let you know that all this garbage you see on the internet has nothing to do with who you are and what you are worth.


Understand why you are on these systems. 


Understand what these platforms are doing to you


Commit to unaddicting yourself


Fill the void


“Creative adaptability is the key to successful conservation.”

Alma Peterson  |  Co-Founder



It all started as much of it starts with a dumb comment somebody made on a Facebook page. For me it was getting unfriended by someone who was offended by something I said that wasn't even offensive. I didn't take it persona, but it made me realize, what is going on in this person's mind?

It led me to start really reflecting on what was going on with not just her but the people around me.

What is starting to happen with the invention of these platforms is that people are now are spending so much time in the digital world that they don't know how to interact in the real world.

Being a creative person who enjoys his solidute, I totally get it. But your on screen persona and off screen persona are often different. People do not define who you are, and neither does social media.


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